Your data

The table below shows the data we collect and how we process it.

Data Purpose
Name and Email Address Correspondence in relation to the childcare and services provided by Ditcham Park School through emails and email marketing (in relation to holiday clubs, feedback and competitions). Your information will not be passed on to any 3rd party for the purpose of marketing.
Address Ofsted requirement
Emergency Details, Who is collecting details Ofsted requirement
Child's Name Ofsted requirement
Child DOB Ofsted requirement
Child Medical Data and additional Notes Ofsted requirement

The data above is retained until deleted by yourself or by Ditcham Park School. To delete your data click here

Who is the data controller and processor?

The data controller is Ditcham Park School

The data processor(s):

Name Role Contact Details
FreshApp Providing booking software, hosting and support

Which third-parties interact with your data

We use third-parties to perform some operations on this website. See the table below for more information

Third Party Name Purpose More information
Microsoft Azure This website and its data is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. The website is hosted in data centres within the UK. Find out more at: Microsoft Trust Center
Postmark This website uses Postmark to send out registration / confirmation emails. We supply Postmark with email addresses and any information included in the registration and confirmation emails Postmark Policies

What cookies we use

Cookies are used to recognise a user across multiple page views. This website uses the following cookies

Cookie name Purpose
WCBS.AF The cookie ensures that any submissions of data have come from this website and not a third party.
WCBS The cookie allows us to keep you logged into across visits to the website.
ai_session, ai_user Used by Microsoft ApplicationInsights to track how users interact with this website. These cookies will only be set if you have given consent to the use of analytics.

Find out more

You can find out more details by going to Ditcham Park School terms and conditions